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Swimming Dragon

Cha Boy is now Swimming Dragon

After moving to Portland and blending in with the new territory, I've decided to change Cha Boy's identity. The idea with "Cha Boy" was that I would offer my services to brew and provide really good tea. I'm still dedicated to that. But after years of being intoxicated by this awesome tea, mesmerized by its beauty as its steam curls upward, I was inspired by the swimminng body of the cha.  I felt that as I make my home in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is only fitting that my service be named for the moving shape of the spirit of tea, the dragon. The literal translation of oolong, or more properly wu long, is black dragon. And then there's "dragon well" and others.

Swimming Dragon is also the name of a type of Ba Gua Zhang, an internal Chinese martial art that emphasizes circular walking, coiling, drilling, rolling and other motions like the mythical dragon.

So welcome to Swimming Dragon! I hope to have the chance to serve you some fantastic, otherworldly tea.

Kung Fu Tea Hours

Kung Fu Tea Hour is my “shop hours.” At Kung Fu Tea Hour, I sample different Chinese teas that I have in stock and you have the opportunity to purchase the tea that you like best.

Email me if you are interested in attending or hosting a Kung Fu Tea Hour. However, if the posted dates don’t work for you, please email me to schedule a tea time appointment.

Kung Fu How-To

Kung Fu Tea, or Gongfu Cha, is the method of brewing tea used in Taiwan and China especially for oolong tea and pu’er tea. Kung Fu or Gongfu actually means “time and energy.” This fact is drilled into us at our Kung Fu school (Chinese martial arts are actually referred to as “wu shu.”). So, Gongfu Cha means tea brewed with time and energy.

I had been drinking some pretty good oolong tea for five years before I first learned about Gongfu Cha. When I tried it, I got a whole new world of taste from the very same oolong that I had been drinking. So, I ordered some better quality oolong and learned to appreciate the time and energy it takes to brew oolong in this way.

Read more: Kung Fu How-To

Tea Selection

I stock high-quality teas, mostly from China and Taiwan. I source my teas from a couple of vendors on the West Coast who have personal relationships with the small tea gardens in China and Taiwan. It is these personal relationships that allow us the rare privilege to enjoy these hand-crafted teas. The people who craft these teas use traditional methods that are impossible to replicate by the big mega factories. And the teas are purchased directly from the farmers.

Selling these teas is a hobby for me. It is my way of being able to offer this opportunity to folks in Portland. And I hope you get that opportunity to enjoy these teas!